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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 5

1 ! Of him that testifieth not the truth, if he heare another sware falsely.

1 / Ebr. a soule.

1 a Whereby it is commanded to beare witnes to the trueth and disclose the iniquitie of the vngodlie.

1 / Or, if the judge hathe taken an othe of anie other.

4 b Or, vowe rashly without just examination of the circumstances, & not knowing what shalbe the issue of the same.

5 c Which haue bene mencioned before in this chapter.

7 / Ebr. if his hand can not touche, meaning for his pouertie.

10 d Or, declare him to be purged of that sinne.

10 / Or, according to the lawe.

11 e Which is about a pottel.

15 h By the estimation of the Priest, {chap. 27,12}.

15 ! Of him that by ignorance withdraweth anie thing dedicate to the Lord.

15 g As touching the first friutes or tithes, due to the Priests and Leuites.

17 i That is, afterward remembreth that he hathe sinned when his conscience doeth accuse him.

18 k Els if his sinne against God come of malice he must die, {Nomb. 15,30}.