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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 4

2 a That is, of negligence or ignorance, specially of the ceremonial lawe: for otherwise the punishements for crimes are appointed according to the transgression, {Nomb. 15,22}.

3 b Meaning the hie Priest.

4 c Hereby confessing that he deserued the same punishment which the beast suffred.

6 d Which was betwene the Holiest of all & the Sanctuarie.

7 e Which was in the courte, meaning by the Tabernacle the Sanctuarie: & in the end of this verse it is taken for the courte.

13 ! The Congregation,

15 g For all the people colde not lay their hands: therefore it was sufficient that the Anients of the people did it in the name of all the Congregacion.

24 h That is, the Priest shal kil it: for it was not lawful for anie out of the office to kil the beast.

27 / Or, priuate persone.

33 l Meaning the punnishment of his sinne shulde be laid vpon that beast, or, that he had receiued all things of God and offred this wilingly.

35 m Or, besides the burnt offrings, which were daily offred to the Lord.