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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 40

1 a After that Moses had bene 40 daies and 40 nights in the mount, that is, from the beginning of August to the 10 of September he came downe & caused this worke to be done: which being finished, was set vp in Abib, which moneth conteineth halfe Marche and halfe April.

1 ! The Tabernacle with the apertinances is reared vp.

5 b That is, the altar of perfume, or to burn incense on.

5 c This hanging or vaile was betwene the Sanctuarie and the courte.

15 d Til bothe the priesthode and the ceremonies shulde end, which was at Christs comming.

20 f That is, the tables of the Lawe, {chap. 31:18 & 34:19}.

34 ! The glorie of the Lord appeareth in the cloude couering the Tabernacle.

38 h Thus, the preference of God preserued & guided them night and day til thei came to the land promised.