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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 39

1 a As couerings for the Arke, and Candelsticke, the Altars & suche like.

6 b That is, of very fine and curious workemanship.

12 c Or a ligure, which stone autors write that it commeth of the vrine of the beast called (???).

14 d That is, euerie tribe had his name written in a stone.

32 ! All that the Lord commanded, was made, and finished.

34 g So called, because it hanged before the mercieseat & couered it from sight, {chap. 35,12}.

37 h Or, which Aaron dressed and refreshed with oyle euerie morning, {chap.10,7}.

42 i Signifyng that in Gods matters man may nether add nor diminish.

43 k Praised God for the peoples diligence and praied for them.