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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 34

6 a This oght to be referred to the Lord & not to Moses proclaiming: as {chap. 33. vers. 19}.

6 ! The description of God.

9 b Seing the people are thus of nature, the rulers haue nede to call vpon God, that he wolde alwais be present with his Spirit.

12 c If thou followe their wickednes, and polute thyself with their idolatrie.

12 ! All felowship with idolaters is forbidden.

17 e As golde, siluer, brasse, or anie thing that is molten.

22 g Which was in September, when the sunne declined, which in the counte of political things thei called the ende of the yere.

24 h God promiseth to defend them & theirs, which obey his commande.

28 k This miracle was to confirme the autoritie of the Lawe, and oght no more to be followed then other miracles.

28 / Or, wordes.

30 ! His face shineth, and he couereth it with a vaile.

30 l Read {2 Cor. 3,7}.

34 m Which was in the Tabernacle of the congregacion.