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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 23

1 / Or, report a false tale.

1 / Or, cruel.

2 a Do that which is godlie thogh few do fauour it.

2 / Ebr. answer.

4 b If we be bounde to do good to our enemies beast, muche more to our enemie him selfe, {Mat. 5,44}.

5 c If God commande to helpe vp our enemies asse vnder his burden wil he suffre vs to cast downe our brethern with heauie burdens?

7 d Whether you be magistrate: or art commanded by the magistrate.

9 e For in that he is a stranger, his heart is soriful ynough.

13 f Nether by swearing by them, nor speaking of them, {Psal. 15,4. eph. 5,13}.

13 ! Not to make mention of the strange gods.

15 g That is, Paiter, in remembrance that the Angel passed ouer & spared the Israelites, when he slewe the firstborne of the Egyptians.

16 h Which is, Witsontide, in token that the Law was giuen 50 daies after the departed from Egypt.

16 i That is, the feast of tabernacles, signifing that thei dwelled 40 yere vnder the tents or the tabernacles in the wildernes.

18 k No leauened bread shalbe then in thine house.

19 l Meaning that no frutes shulde be taken before just time: & hereby are brideled all cruel and wanton appetites.

21 m I wil giue him mine autoritie, and he shal gouerne you in my Name.

24 n God commendeth his not onely not to worship idoles, but to destroye them.

25 o That is all things necessarie for this present life.

29 ! God wil cast out the Canaanites by litle and litle, and why.

31 q Called the Sea of Syria.