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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 22

Psalm 22: My God, my God, why hast thou me

To the chief Musician upon Aijeleth Shahar, A Psalm of David.

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 My God, my God, why hast thou me forsaken? why so far Art thou from helping me, and from my words that roaring are?

2 All day, my God, to thee I cry, yet am not heard by thee; And in the season of the night I cannot silent be.

3 But thou art holy, thou that dost inhabit Isr’el’s praise. 4 Our fathers hop’d in thee, they hop’d and thou didst them release.

5 When unto thee they sent their cry, to them deliv’rance came: Because they put their trust in thee, they were not put to shame.

6 But as for me, a worm I am, and as no man am priz’d: Reproach of men I am, and by the people am despis’d.

7 All that me see laugh me to scorn; shoot out the lip do they; They nod and shake their heads at me, and, mocking, thus do say,

8 This man did trust in God, that he would free him by his might: Let him deliver him, sith he had in him such delight.

9 But thou art he out of the womb that didst me safely take; When I was on my mother’s breasts thou me to hope didst make.

10 And I was cast upon thy care, ev’n from the womb till now; And from my mother’s belly, Lord, my God and guide art thou.

11 Be not far off, for grief is near, and none to help is found. 12 Bulls many compass me, strong bulls of Bashan me surround.

13 Their mouths they open’d wide on me, upon me gape did they, Like to a lion ravening and roaring for his prey.

14 Like water I’m pour’d out, my bones all out of joint do part: Amidst my bowels, as the wax, so melted is my heart.

15 My strength is like a potsherd dry’d; my tongue it cleaveth fast Unto my jaws; and to the dust of death thou brought me hast.

16 For dogs have compass’d me about: the wicked, that did meet In their assembly, me inclos’d; they pierc’d my hands and feet.

17 I all my bones may tell; they do upon me look and stare. 18 Upon my vesture lots they cast, and clothes among them share.

19 But be not far, O Lord, my strength; haste to give help to me. 20 From sword my soul, from pow’r of dogs my darling set thou free.

21 Out of the roaring lion’s mouth do thou me shield and save: For from the horns of unicorns an ear to me thou gave.

22 I will shew forth thy name unto those that my brethren are; Amidst the congregation thy praise I will declare.

23 Praise ye the Lord, who do him fear; him glorify all ye The seed of Jacob: fear him all that Isr’el’s children be.

24 For he despis’d not nor abhorr’d th’ afflicted’s misery; Nor from him hid his face, but heard when he to him did cry.

25 Within the congregation great my praise shall be of thee; My vows before them that him fear shall be perform’d by me.

26 The meek shall eat, and shall be fill’d; they also praise shall give Unto the Lord that do him seek: your heart shall ever live.

27 All ends of th’ earth remember shall, and turn the Lord unto; All kindreds of the nations to him shall homage do:

28 Because the kingdom to the Lord doth appertain as his; Likewise among the nations the Governor he is.

29 Earth’s fat ones eat, and worship shall: all who to dust descend Shall bow to him; none of them can his soul from death defend.

30 A seed shall service do to him; unto the Lord it shall Be for a generation reckon’d in ages all.

31 They shall come, and they shall declare his truth and righteousness Unto a people yet unborn, and that he hath done this.