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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 John 5

1 a Is regenerate by the vertue of his Spirit.

2 b The loue of God must go before, or els we can not loue aright.

3 c They are easie to the sonnes of God, which are led with his Spirit: for thei delite therein.

6 e The water & the blood that came out of his side, declare that we haue our sinnes washed by him, & he hathe made ful satisfaction for the same.

6 g Which testifieth to our hearts, that we be the children of God.

6 d That is, regeneracion.

6 f Our minde inspired by the holie Gost.

14 ! The office, autoritie, & diuinitie of Christ.

16 i As theirs is whome God doeth so forsake that they fall into vtter dispaire.

16 h Althogh euerie sinne be to death, yet God through his mercie pardonneth his in his Sonne.

18 l Taketh hede that he sinnes not.

18 n With a mortal wounde.

18 k Giueth not him self so ouer to sinne, that he forgetteth God.

19 o That is, all men generally, as of them selues lye as it were buryed in euil.

21 q Meaning from euerie forme and facion of thing which is set vp for anie destrucion to worship God.