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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Peter 3

1 ! How wiues oght to ordre them selues towarde their housbands.

6 a But willingly do your duetie: for your condicion is not worse for your obedience.

7 b By nether keping them to strite, nor in giuing them to much libertie.

7 d Man oght to loue his wife, because they lead their life together, also for that she is the weaker vessel, but chiefly because that God hathe made them as it were felowe heires together of life euerlasting.

7 e For they can not pray when they are at dissention.

7 c Taking care, and prouiding for her.

7 ! The duetie of men towarde their wiues.

9 f God hathe made vs when we were his enemies, heires of his kingdome, & shal not we forgiue our brethren a smale faute?

14 ! And paciently to suffre trouble by the example and benefite of Christ.

14 h That is, when thei thinke to make you afraid by their threatenings.

19 l Christ being from the beginning head and gouernour of his Church, canme in the daies of Noe, not in bodie, which then he bad not, but in Spirit, and preached by the mouth of Noe for the space of 120 yeres to the disobedient, which wolde not repent, & therefore are now in prison reserued to the last judgement.

21 / Or, the taking to witnes of a good conscience.