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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Titus 3

1 a Althogh the rulers by infideles, yet we are bounde to obey them in ciuil policies, and where as thei commande vs nothing against the worde of God.

1 ! Of obedience to suche as be in autoritie.

3 b for let vs consider what we our selues were when God shewed vs fauour.

5 c God doeth not justifie vs for respect of anie thing, which he seeth in vs, but doeth present vs with his grace and frely accepteth vs.

5 d Baptisme is a sure signe of our regeneracion, which is wroght by the holie God.

9 ! He warneth Titus to beware of foolish and vnprofitable questions.

10 e This commandement is giuen to the minister, & so particularly to all men to whome the sworde is not committed but els the magistrate whose chief office is to mainteine Gods glorie in his Church, oght to cut of all suche rotten and infectuous members from the bodie.

13 h It is probable, that he was an interpreter of the Law of Moses, as Apollos, &c.