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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Colossians 4

5 ! To walke wisely towarde them that are not yet come to the true knowledge of Christ. He saluteth them, and wisheth them all prosperitie.

5 c Bestowe the time wel, which the malice of men euerie where plucketh from you and causeth you to abuse it.

5 b To the commoditie of your neighbours.

6 d Perteining to the edification, and mix of vanitie.

11 e If they onely did helpe him to preache the Gospel at Rome, where was Peter? or those fiue & twentie yeres that thei faine he abode at Rome?

11 f In preaching the Gospel.

16 g Ether to Paul, or els they wolde write as an answere to this epistle sent to the Colossians.