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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Daniel 6

1 a Read {Ester Chap 1,1}

3 b This heathen King preferred daniel a stranger to all his nobles, & familiars, because the graces of Good were more excellent in him than in others.

4 C Thus, the wicked can not abide the graces of God in others, but seke by all occasions to deface them: therefore against suche assaltes there is not better remedie then to walke vprightly in the feare of God and to haue a good conscience.

9 d Herein is condemned the wickednes of the King, who wolde be set vp as a god, & passed not what wicked lawes he approued for the maintnenance of the same.

10 e Because he wolde not by his silence shew that he consented to this wicked decre, he set open his windowes towarde Jerusalem, when he prayed: bothe to stirre vp himself with the remembrance of Gods promises to his people when they shulde pray towarde that Temple, & also that others might se that he wolde nether consent in heart nor dede for these fewe dayes to anie thing that was contrarie to Gods glorie.

15 f Thus, the wicked maintenin euil laws by constancie, and autoritie, which is oft times ether lightenes, or stubbernes when as the innocents thereby perish: & therefore gouernours nether oght to feare nor be ashamed to breake suche.

16 ! He is put into a denne of lyons by the commandement of the King.

20 g This declareth that Darius was not touched with the true knowledge of God, because he douted of his power.

22 i For he did disobey the Kings wicked commandement to obey God, and so did no injurie to the King who oght to commande nothing, whereby God shulde be dishonoured.

22 h My juste cause, and vprightnes in this thing, wherein I was charged, is approued of God.

23 k Because he committed himself wholy vnto God whose cause he did defned, he was assured, that nothing but good colde come vnto him: wherein we se the power of faith, as {Ebr. 11:33}

23 ! He is deliuered by faith in God.

24 l This is a terrible example against all the wicked, which do against their conscience make cruel lawes to destroye the children of God & also admonisheth princes how to punish such, when their wickednes is come to light: thogh not in euerie point or with like circumstances, yet to execute true justice vpon them.

25 ! Darius by a decre magnifieth the God of Daniel.

26 m This proueth not that Darius did worship God aright, or els was conuerted: for then he wolde haue destroyed all supersitition and idolatrie, & not onely giuen God the chief place, but onely haue set him vp, and caused him to be honored according to his worde: but this was certeine confession of Gods power, whereunto he was compelled by this wonderful miracle.

26 n Which hathe not onely life in him self, but is the onelie fountaine of life, & quickeneth all things, so that without him there is no life.