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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 11

1 ! Who thei were that seduced the people of Israel.

2 a Thus the wicked derided the Prophets, as thogh they preached but errors, & therfore gaue themselues stil to their pleasures.

3 b We shal not be pulled out of Jerusalem, til the houre of our death comes as the flesh is not taken out of the caldron til it be fod.

5 ! Against these he prophecieth, shewing them how thei shal be sispersed abroade.

7 c Contrarie to their vaine confidence he sheweth in what sense this citie is the caldron: that is, because of the dead bodies that haue bene murthered therein, and so lie as flesh in the caldron.

13 f It semeth that this noble man dyed of some terrible death & therefore the Prophet feared some strange judgement of God towarde the rest of the people.

15 g Thei that remained stil at Jerusalem thus reproched them that were gone into captiuitie, as thogh thei were cast of and forsaken of God.

16 h Thei shalbe yet a litle Church, shewing that the Lord wil euer haue some to call vpon his Name, whome he wil preserue and restore, thogh thei be for a time afflicted.

19 i Meaning, the heart whereunto nothing can enter, and regenerate them a newe, so that their heart may be soft, & ready to receiue my graces.

21 ! He threatneth them that leaue vnto thier owne counsels.