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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Song of Solomon 8

1 a The Church called of the Gentiles, speaketh thus to the Church of Jerusalem

1 / Or, me.

3 b Read {Chap. 2, 6}

6 d The spouse desireth Christ to be joyned in perpetual loue with him.

6 ! The vehement loue wherewith Christ loueth her.

8 e The Jewish Church speaketh this of the Church of the Gentiles.

9 f If she be sure & fast, she is mete for the housband to dwele in.

10 g The Church promiseth fidelitie & constancie.

11 ! She is the vine that bringeth forth frute to the spiritual Salomon, which is Jesus Christ.

11 h This is the vineyarde of the ord hired out, {Matt. 22, 33}

13 i Christ dwelleth in his Church whose voyce the faithful heare.

14 k The Church desireth Christ that if he depart from them, yet that he wolde haste to helpe them in their troubles.