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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Proverbs 25

1 b That is, gathered out of diuers bokes of Salomon.

2 c God doeth not reueile the cause of his judgements to man.

2 d Because the King ruleth by the reueiled worde of God, the cause of his doings must appeare, & therefore he must vse diligence in trying out of causes.

3 e He sheweth that it is to hard for man to atteine to the reason of all the secret doings of the King: euen when he is vpright, & doeth his duetie.

4 f When vice is remoued from a King, he is a mete vessel for the Lords vse.

5 g It is not ynough that he be pure him self, but that he put away others that be corrupted.

10 h Lest whereas thou thinkest by this meanes to haue an end of the matter, it put thee to farther trouble.

13 i In the time of great heat when men desire colde.

14 k Which haue an outward appearance, and are nothing within.

15 l By not ministring occasion to prouoke him farther.

15 m That is, the heart that is bent to angre, as {Chap 15, 1}

16 n Vse moderatly the pleasures of this worlde.

20 / Or, alume.

22 p Thou shalt as it were by force ouercome him, in so muche that his owne conscience shal moue him to acknowledge thy benefites, and his heart shalbe inflamed.