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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 5

1 ! Eliphaz sheweth the difference betwene the children of God & the wicked.

1 a He willeth Job to consider the example of all them that haue liued or deliue godly, whether any of them be like vnto him in ranging against God as he doeth.

2 b Murmuring against God in afflictions increaseth the peine, and vttereth mans folie.

3 d I was not moued with his prosperitie, but knewe that God had cursed him & his.

3 ! The fall of the wicked

3 c That is, the sinner that hathe not the feare of God.

4 e Thogh God sometime suffer the fathers to passe in this worlde, yet his judgements wil light vpon their wicked children.

4 f By publicke judgement thei shalbe condemned, and none shal pitie them.

5 g Thogh there be but two or ther eares left in the hedges, yet these shalbe taken from him.

6 h That is, the earth is not the cause of barennes and nams miserie, but his owne sinne.

7 i Which declareth that sinne is euer in our corrupt nature: for before sinne it was not subject to peine & affliction.

8 k If I suffred as thou doest, I wolde seke vnto God.

9 ! Gods power who destroieth the wicked and deliuereth his.

9 l He counseleth Job to humble him selfe vnto God, to whome all creatures are subject, and whose workes declare that man is inexcusable, except he glorifie God in all his workes.

10 m He sheweth by particular examples, what the workes of God are.

14 o This declareth that God punisheth the worldely wise as he threatened, {Deu. 28,29}

14 n In things plaine and euident thei shewe them selues fooles in stead of wise men.

15 p That is, he that humbleth him selfe before God.

15 q He compareth the sklander of the wicked to sharpe swordes.

16 r If the wicked be compelled at Gods workes to stoppe their mouthes, muche more thei that professe God.

19 s He wil send trouble after trouble, that his children man not for one, time but continually trust in him: but they shal haue a comfortable issue, euen in the greatest and the last, which is here called the seuent.

22 t Where as the wicked lament in their troubles, thou shalt haue occasion to rejoice.

23 u When we are in Gods fauour, all creatures shal serue vs.

24 x God shal so blesse thee that thou shalt haue occasion to rejoice in all things, and not to be offended.

26 y Thogh the children of God haue not alwaies this promes performed, yet God doeth recompence it other wise to their aduantage.

27 z We haue learned these pointes by experience, that God punisheth not the innocent, that man can not compare in justice with him, that the hypocrites shal not long prosper, and that the affliction which man susteineth, commeth for his owne sinne.