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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 1

1 ! The holines, riches, and care of Job for his children.

1 a That is, of the countrey of Idumea, as {Lamen 4,21}, or bordering thereupon: for the land was called by the name of Vz the sonne of Dathan the sonne of Soir, {Genes. 36,28}

1 b Forasmuche as he was a Gentile and not a Jewe, & yet is pronounced vpright, and without hypocrisie, it declareth that among the heathen God hat his.

1 c Hereby is declared what is ment by an vpright, and juste man.

3 e Meaning, the Arabians, Chaldeans, Idumeans, &c.

3 / Ebr. children.

3 d His children and riches, are declared, to commend his vertue in his prosperitie, & his pacience, & constancie when God had taken them from him.

5 g That is, he offred for euerie one of his children an offring of reconciliacion, which declared his religion toward God, & the care that he had toward his children.

5 i While the feast lasted.

5 f That is, commanded them to be sanctified: meaning, that they shulde consider the fautes, that they had committed, & reconcile them selues for the same.

5 h In Ebrewe it is and blessed God, which is some time taken for blaspheming and cursing, as here, and {1 King. 21,10} and {1 King. 21, 13}, &c.

6 k Meaning, the Angels which are called, the sonnes of God, because they are willing to execute his wil.

6 l Because our infirmitie can not comprehend God in his maiestie, he is set forthe vnto vs as a King that our capacitie may be able to vnderstand that which is spoke of him.

6 m This declareth that althogh Satan be aduersarie to God, yet he is compelled to obey him, and do him all homage, without whose permission, & appointement he can do nothing.

7 n This question is asked for our infirmitie: for God knewe whence he came.

7 o Herein is described the nature of Satan, which is euer ranging for his pray, {1 Pet. 5,8}

9 p He feareth thee not for thine owne sake, but for the commoditie that he receiueth by thee.

10 q Meaning, the grace of God, which serued Job as a ramparte against all tentations.

11 r This signifieth that Satan is not able to touche vs, but it is God that must do it.

11 s Satan noteth the vice, whereunto men are commonly subject: that is, to hide their rebellion, and to be content with God in the time of prosperitie, which vice is disclosed in the time of their aduersitie.

12 t God giueth not Satan power ouer man to gratifie him, but to declare that he hathe no power ouer man, but that which God giueth him.

12 u That is, went to execute that which God had permitted him to do: for els he can neuer go out of Gods presence.

13 ! He tempteth him by taking away his substance, and his children.

16 y Which thing was also done by the craft of Satan to tempt Job the more grieuoussly, for asmuche as he might se, that not onely men were his enemies, but that God made warre against him.

18 z This last plague declareth, that when one plague is past which semeth hard to be borne, God can send vs another farre more grieuous, to trye his, & teache them obedience.

20 a Which came not of impaciencie, but declareth that the children of God are not insensible like blockes, but that in their pacience they fele affliction, and grief of minde: yet they kepe a meane herein, and rebell not against God, as the wicked do.

21 c Hereby he confesseth that God is juste, and good, all thogh his hand be sore vpon him.

21 b That is, into the belly of the earth, which is the mother of all.

22 d But declared that God did althing according to justice and equitie.