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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 2

1 b Read {Chap. 2,13}

3 d That is, when you hadst noght against him, or when thou wast not able to bring they purpose to passe.

3 c He proueth Jobs integritie by this that he ceased not to feare God when his plagues were grieuously vpon him.

4 e Hereby he ment that mans owne skinne is dearer vnto him then another mans.

6 g Thus Satan can go no further in punishing then God hathe limited vnto him.

6 ! Satan hathe permission to afflict Job.

7 h This sore was moste vehement, wherewith also God plagued the Egyptians, {Exo. 9,9}, and threateneth to punish the rebellious people, {Deut. 28,27}. so that this tentation was moste grieuous: for if Job had measured Gods fauour by the vehemencie of his disease, he might maue thought that God had cast him of.

8 i As destitute of all other helpe and meanes, and wonderfully afflicted with the sorowe of his disease.

9 m For death was appointed to the blasphemer, & so she ment that he shulde be sone ridde out of his peine.

9 ! His wife tempteth him to forsake God.

9 k Satan vseth the same instrument against Job, as he did against Adam.

9 l Meaning, What gainest thou to serue God, seing he thus plagueth thee as thogh he were thine enemie? This is the moste grieuous tentation of the faithful, when their faith is assailed, and when Satan goeth about to persuade them, that thei trust in God in vayne.

10 n That is, to be pacient in aduersitie, as we rejoice, when he sendeth prosperitie, & so to acknowledge him to be bothe merciful and juste.

10 o He so brideled his affections, that his tongue through impaciencie did not murmure against God.

11 p Which were men of autoritie, wise and learned, and as the Septuagint, write, Kings, and came to comfort him, but when they saw how he was visited, they conceiued an euil opinion of him, as thogh he had bene but an hypocrite, and so justely plagued of God for his sinnes.

12 q This was also a ceremonie, which they vsed in those countreis, as the renting of their clothes in signe of sorrowe &c.

13 r And therefore thoght that he wolde not haue hearkened to their counsel.