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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezra 4

1 a Meaning, the inhabitants of Samaria, whome the King of Assyria had placed in the steade of the ten tribes {2 King. 17,24} & {19,37}. These professed God, but worshiped idoles also, and therefore were the greatest enemies to the true seruants of God.

3 b For thei perceiued what their pretence was, to wit, to erect idolatrie in steade of true religion.

5 c They bribed the gouerners vnder the King, to hinder their worke. thus they that halte can not abide that God shulde be purely serued.

6 d He was also called Artaxerxes, which is a Persian name. some thinke it was Cambese Cyrus sonne, or Darius, as {vers 5}.

7 e Called Artaxerxes, which signifieth in the Persian tongue, an excellent warriour.

9 f These were certeine people, which the Assyrians placed in Samaria in stead of the ten tribes.

10 g Some thinke it was Sanneherib, but rather Salmanasar.

10 h To wit, Euphrates, & he meaneth in respect of Babel that they dwelt beyonde it.

10 i Which were a certeine people that enuyed the Jewes.

13 k Meaning, the gifts that are wonte to be giuen to Kings when they passe by any countrey.

14 / Ebr. In the Chalde, we haue eaten the salt of the palace.

24 n Not all together: for the Prophetes exhorted them to contineu, but they vsed lesse diligence because of the troubles.