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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 9

1 a Hitherto he hathe described their genealogies before they went into captiuitie, and now he describeth their historie after their returne.

1 ! All Israel and Judah nombred.

2 b Meaning the Gabionites, which serued in the Temple, read {Josh. 9,22}

11 c That is, he was the hie Priest.

13 d To serue in the Temple, euerie one according to his office.

18 e So called because the King came into the Temple thereby, & not the commune people.

19 f Their charge was, that none shulde entrie into those places, which were onely appointed for the Priests to minister in.

29 h Whereof the meat offring was made, {Leuit. 3,1}

33 i But were continually occupied in singing praises to God.

42 k Who was also called Jerhoadah, {chap. 8,36}.