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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 22

2 a His zeale was prophecied of, & his name mencioned by Jaddo the Prophet, more then thre hundreth yeres before, {1King 13,2}: and being but eight yere olde, he soght the God of his father Dauid, {2Chro. 34,3}.

4 b Certeine of the Priests were appointed to this office, as {Chap. 12,9}

4 ! Josiah repareth the Temple.

4 / Or, ceyne, as vers 9

5 c From the time of Joash for the space of 224 yeres the Temple remained without reparation through the negligence of the Priests. this declareth that they that haue a charge and execute is not oght to haue it taken from them.

7 d So God prouided him of faithful sernants, seing he went about so zealously to set forthe the worke of God.

8 ! Helkiah findeth the boke of the Lawe, and causeth it to be presented to Josiah,

8 e This was the copie that Moses left them, as appeareth {2Chr. 34,14} which ether by the negligence of the Priests had bene lost, or els by the wickednes of idolatrous Kings had bene abolished.

12 ! Who sendeth to Huldah the prophetesse to inquire the Lords wil.

13 f Meaning to some Prophet whome God reueleth the knowledge of things vnto, as {Jer. 21,1}. thogh at other times they inquired the Lord by Vrim & Thumim.

14 g Or, the house of doctrine which was nere to the Temple, & where the learned assembled to intreat the Scriptures, & the doctrine of the Prophetes.

17 h The workes of mans hand here signifie all that man inuenteth beside the worde of God, which are abominable in Gods seruice.

19 i Meaning that he did repent as they that do not repent, are said to harden their heart, {Psal 85:8}

20 k Whereupon we may gather that the angre of God is ready against the wicked, when God raketh his seruants out of this worlde.