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0 ! Because the children of God shulde loke for no continual rest and quietnes in this worlde, the holy Gost setteth before our eyes in this boke the varietie and change of things, which came to the people of Israel from the death of Dauid, Salomon and the rest of the Kings, vnto the death of Ahab, declaring how that florishing kingdomes, except they be preserued by Gods protection, (who then fauoreth them when his worde is truely set forthe, bertue estemed, vice punished and concorde mainteined) fall to decay and come to naught: as appeareth by the diuiding of the kingdome vnder Robham, and Jeroboham, which before were but all one people, and now by the just punishment of God were made two, whereof Judah and Beniamin claue to Roboham: and this was called the kingdome of Judah, and the othor tend tribes helde with Jerohoham, and this was called the kingdome of Israel. The King of Judah had his throne in Jerusalem, and the King of Israel in Samaria, after it was buylte by Amri Ahabs father. And because our Sauiour Christ according to the flesh shulde come of the stock of Dauid, the genealogie of the Kings of Judah is here described, from Salomon to Joram the sonne of Josaphat, who reigned ouer Judah in Jerusalem, as Ahab did ouer Israel in Samaria.