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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 1

1 b For his natural heate was worne away with trauels.

1 a He was about 70 yere olde, {2 sam. 5, 4}

1 ! Abishag kepeth Dauid in his extreme age.

5 d Read, {2 Sam. 15, 1}

7 e They toke his part & followed him.

12 g For Adoniiah wil destroy thee and thy sonne, if he reigne.

14 h By declaring suche things as may further the same.

18 i The King being worne with age, cold not attend to the affaires of the realme & also Adoniiah had many flatters which kept it from the King.

21 / Ebr. sinners.

23 l Acknowledging him to be the true & worthy King appointed of God as the figure of his Christ.

27 m Meaning, that he oght in such affaires enterprise nothing except he had consulted with the Lord.

30 n Moued by the Spirit of God so to do because he foresawe that Salomon shulde be the figure of Christ.

33 o Meaning, the Kings seruants & suche as were of his garde.

39 p Wherewith they accustomed to anoint the Priestes & the holy instruments, {Exod. 30,23}.

42 q He praised Johathan thinking to haue heard comfortable news, but God wroght things contrary to his expectation, and so did beat downe his pride.

42 / Ebr. A man of power.

47 r To salute him & to pray & praise God for him.

50 t Which Dauid his father had buylt in the floore of Araunah.