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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 19

6 / Ebr. bene right in thine eyes.

7 / Ebr. to the heart of thy seruants.

8 c Where the moste resorte of the people hanted.

9 d Euerie one blamed another & stroue who shulde first bring him home.

11 e That they shulde reproue the negligence of the Elders, seing the people were so forwarde.

13 fBy this policie Dauid thoght that by winning or the captaine, he shulde haue the hearts of all the people.

19 h For in his aduersitie he was his moste cruel enemie, & now in his prosperitie seketh by flatterie to crepe in to fauour.

20 i By Joseph he meaneth Ephraim, Manasseh, and Benjamin (whereof he was) because these thre were vnder one standerd, {Nomb 2,18}

25 k When Mephibosheth being at Jerusalem had met the King.

27 l Able for his wisdome to judge in all matters.

28 m Worthy to dye for Sauls crueltie towarde thee.

29 n Dauid did euil in taking his lands from him before he knewe the cause, but muche worse, that knowing the trueth he did not restore them.

34 / Ebr. how many daies are the yeres of my life?

35 o He thoght it not meete to receiue benefites of him to whome he was not able to do seruice againe.

39 / Or, bade him fare wel.

40 q Where the tribe of Judah taryed to receiue him.

40 r Which had taken parte with the King.

41 s Towarde Jerusalem.

43 / Or, haue not we first spoken to bring home the King? {vers. 11}