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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 2

1 ! Israel is forbidden to fight with the Edomites.

1 a They obeyed, after that God, had chastised them.

4 c This was the seconde time: for before thei had caused the Israelites to returne, {Nob. 20,21}.

7 d And giuen thee meanes wherewith you maiest make recompence: also God wil direct thee by his prouidence, as he hathe done.

9 / Or, beseige.

9 ! Moabites.

10 f signifing that as these gyants were driuen out for their sinnes: so the wicked when their sinnes are ripe can not auoide Gods plagues.

14 g He sheweth hereby, that as God is true in his promes: so his threatenings are not in vaine.

15 h His plague & punishment to destroye all that were twentie yere olde, and aboue.

20 i Who called them selues Rephaims: that is, preseruers or phisicians to heale & reform vices: but were indeede Zamzumims, that is, wicked & abominable.

24 k Acording to his promes made to Abraham, {Gen. 15,21}.

25 l This declareth that the hearts of men are in Gods hands ether to be made faint, or bolde.

29 m Because nether intreaty nor examples of others colde moue him, he colde not complaine of his juste destruction.

30 n God, in his election & reprobacion doeth not onelie appoint the ends, but the meanes tending to the same.

33 ! Sihon King of Hesbhon is discomfited.

34 o God had cursed Canaan & therefore he wolde not that anie of the wicked race shulde be preserued.