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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 1

1 ! A brefe reharsal of things done before, from Horeb vnto Kadesh-bernea.

1 a In the countrey of Moab.

1 b So that the wildernes was betwene the Sea and this plaine of Moab.

1 a In the countrey of Moab.

2 c In Horeb, or Sinai, forty yeres, before this the lawe was giuen: but because all that were then of age and judgement were now dead, Moses repeateth the same to the youth which ether then were not borne, or had not judgement.

4 d By these examples of Gods fauor their mindes are prepared to receiue the Law.

6 f In the seconde yere, and seconde moneth, {Nom. 10,11}.

9 g By the counsel of Jethro my father in lawe. {Exod. 18,19}.

10 h Not so muche as by the cours of nature, as miraculously.

12 i Signifying how great a burden it is, to gouerne the people.

15 l Declaring what sort of men oght to haue a publike charge, read {Exod. 18,21}.

20 n So that the faute was in them selues that they dyd not soner possess the inheritance promised.

25 p To wit, Caleb & Joshua: Moses preferreth the better part to the greater, that is, two to ten.

27 q Suche was the Jews vnthankfulnes, that they counted Gods especial loue hatred.

30 s Declaring that to renounce our owne force, & constantly to followe our vocation, and depend on the Lord, is the true boldenes, and agreable to God.

32 ! Moses reproueth the people for their incredulite.

39 u Which were vnder twenty yere olde, at {Nomb. 14,31}.

41 x This delcareth mans nature, who wil do that which God forbideth, and wil not do that which he commandeth.

42 y Signifying that man hathe no strength, but when God is at hand to helpe him.

44 ! The Israelites are ouer come by the Amorites because they fought against the commandement of the Lord.

45 z Because ye rather shewed your hypocrisie, then true repentance: rather lamenting the losse of your brethren, then repenting for your sinnes.