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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 27

1 ! The lawe of the heritage of the daughters of Zelophehad.

3 a According as all men dye, forasmuche as they are sinners.

5 b That is, their matter to be judged, to knowe what he shulde determine, as he did all hard matters.

16 ! Moses praieth for a gouernor to the people.

16 d Who as he hathe created so he gouerneth the heartes of all men.

17 e That is, gouern them & do his duetie, as {2 Chr. 1,10}.

18 ! Joshua is appointed in his stede.

20 g Commend him to the people as mete for the office, & appointed by God.

21 h According to his office: signifing that the ciuile magistrate colde execute nothing but that which he knewe to be the wil of God.

23 i How he shulde gouern him selfe in his office.