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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 7

1 a Which is for the smaler sinnes & such as are commited by ignorance.

1 ! The lawe of the trespasse offring.

7 e Meaning the rest which is left and not burnt.

7 d The same ceremonies: notwithstanding that this worde trespasse signifieth less then sinne.

12 g Peace offrings conteine a confession and thanks giuing for a benefite receiued, and also a vowe, & fre offring to receiue a benefite.

16 h If he make a vowe to offre: for els the flesh of the peace offrings must be eaten the same day.

18 i The sinne wherefore he offred shal remaine.

19 k After it be sacrificed.

35 n That is, his priuiledge, rewarde and paytion.

37 o Which sacrifice was offred when the Priests were consecrated, {Exod. 29:22}.