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Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: 2 Kings 13

Chapter 13

In the three and twentieth year of Joash the son of Ahaziah king of Judah Jehoahaz the son of Jehu began to reign over Israel in Samaria, and reigned seventeen years.

three and twentieth year

Heb. twentieth year, and third year.

8:26 10:36 11:4,21



And he did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD, and followed the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, which made Israel to sin; he departed not therefrom.

A. M. 3148-3156. B.C. 856-839. followed. Heb. walked after

11 10:29 1 Kings 12:26-33 14:16 Hosea 5:11

And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and he delivered them into the hand of Hazael king of Syria, and into the hand of Benhadad the son of Hazael, all their days.

and he delivered

Leviticus 26:17 Deuteronomy 4:24-27 28:25 Judges 2:14 3:8 10:7-14 Isaiah 10:5,6 Hebrews 12:29


22 8:12,13 12:17 1 Kings 19:17



all their days

Rather "all his days;" for Joash son of Jehoahaz delivered Israel from Ben-hadad.

And Jehoahaz besought the LORD, and the LORD hearkened unto him: for he saw the oppression of Israel, because the king of Syria oppressed them.


Numbers 21:7 Judges 6:6,7 10:10 Psalms 78:34 Isaiah 26:16 Jeremiah 2:27

the Lord

14:26 Genesis 21:17 Exodus 3:7 Judges 10:15,16 2 Chronicles 33:12,13,19 Psalms 50:15 Psalms 106:43,44 Jeremiah 33:3

he saw

Genesis 31:42 Exodus 3:9 Isaiah 63:9

because the king

22 14:26

(And the LORD gave Israel a saviour, so that they went out from under the hand of the Syrians: and the children of Israel dwelt in their tents, as beforetime.

a saviour

This saviour was undoubtedly Joash, whose successful wars are subsequently detailed. Houbigant recommends to read the seventh verse after the fourth.

25 14:25,27 Nehemiah 9:27 Isaiah 19:20 Obadiah 1:21 Luke 2:11


Heb. yesterday and third day.

Exodus 4:10 Deuteronomy 19:4 1 Samuel 19:7 1 Chronicles 11:2

Nevertheless they departed not from the sins of the house of Jeroboam, who made Israel sin, but walked therein: and there remained the grove also in Samaria.)


2 10:29 17:20-23 Deuteronomy 32:15-18


Heb. he walked.

1 Kings 15:3 16:26

and there remained

Heb. and there stood.

17:16 18:4 23:4 Deuteronomy 7:5 1 Kings 16:33

Neither did he leave of the people to Jehoahaz but fifty horsemen, and ten chariots, and ten thousand footmen; for the king of Syria had destroyed them, and had made them like the dust by threshing.

fifty horsemen

1 Samuel 13:6,7,15,19-23 1 Kings 20:15,27 Isaiah 36:8

the king

8:12 10:32

like the dust

Psalms 18:42 Isaiah 41:2,15,16 Joel 3:14 *marg:; Amos 1:3

Now the rest of the acts of Jehoahaz, and all that he did, and his might, are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel?

the rest

10:34,35 1 Kings 11:4 14:19,20,29,31

And Jehoahaz slept with his fathers; and they buried him in Samaria: and Joash his son reigned in his stead.

A. M. 3165. B.C. 839. buried him

13 10:35 1 Kings 14:13


10 14:8


reigned in his stead. "Alone."

In the thirty and seventh year of Joash king of Judah began Jehoash the son of Jehoahaz to reign over Israel in Samaria, and reigned sixteen years.

In the thirty

Joash, the son of Jehoahaz, was associated with his father in the government two years before his death. It is this association that is spoken of here. Joash reigned sixteen years which include the years he reigned conjointly with his father.

began Jehoash

"In consort with his father. ch. 14:1."

And he did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD; he departed not from all the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who made Israel sin: but he walked therein.

he departed

2,6 3:3 10:29

And the rest of the acts of Joash, and all that he did, and his might wherewith he fought against Amaziah king of Judah, are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel?

A. M. 3163-3179. B.C. 841-825. the rest

14-25 14:15,25

his might

14:8-16 2 Chronicles 25:17-24

And Joash slept with his fathers; and Jeroboam sat upon his throne: and Joash was buried in Samaria with the kings of Israel.


2 Samuel 7:12 1 Kings 1:21 2:10 11:31



was buried

Verse 14

Now Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness whereof he died. And Joash the king of Israel came down unto him, and wept over his face, and said, O my father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof.

A. M. 3166. B.C. 838. fallen sick

20:1 Genesis 48:1 John 11:3 Philippians 2:26

he died

Psalms 12:1 Isaiah 57:1 Zechariah 1:5 Acts 13:36

O my father

2:12 6:21 Proverbs 11:11 Ezekiel 14:14 22:30 Mark 6:20

And he said to the king of Israel, Put thine hand upon the bow. And he put his hand upon it: and Elisha put his hands upon the king's hands.

Put thine hand

Heb. make thine hand to ride. Elisha.

4:34 Genesis 49:24 Psalms 144:1

And he said, Open the window eastward. And he opened it. Then Elisha said, Shoot. And he shot. And he said, The arrow of the LORD'S deliverance, and the arrow of deliverance from Syria: for thou shalt smite the Syrians in Aphek, till thou have consumed them.


5:10-14 John 2:5-8 11:39-41

The arrow

This was a symbolical action, indicative of the deliverance of Israel from Syria. It was an ancient custom to shoot an arrow or cast a spear into a country before the commencement of hostilities.

Exodus 4:2,17 Judges 7:9-20 2 Samuel 5:24 1 Corinthians 1:18


1 Samuel 4:1 1 Kings 20:26

And he said, Take the arrows. And he took them. And he said unto the king of Israel, Smite upon the ground. And he smote thrice, and stayed.


Isaiah 20:2-4 Ezekiel 4:1-10 5:1-4 12:1-7

he smote thrice

4:6 Exodus 17:11

And the man of God was wroth with him, and said, Thou shouldest have smitten five or six times; then hadst thou smitten Syria till thou hadst consumed it: whereas now thou shalt smite Syria but thrice.

the man of God

1:9-15 4:16,40 6:9

was wroth

Leviticus 10:16 Numbers 16:15 Mark 3:5 10:14

now thou shalt

25 Mark 6:5

And Elisha died, and they buried him. And the bands of the Moabites invaded the land at the coming in of the year.

A. M. 3167. B.C. 837. buried him

2 Chronicles 24:16 Acts 8:2

the bands

5:2 6:23 24:2

the Moabites

3:5,24-27 Judges 3:12 6:3-6

And it came to pass, as they were burying a man, that, behold, they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha: and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet.

was let down

Heb. went down. touched.

4:35 Isaiah 26:19 Ezekiel 37:1-10 Matthew 27:52,53 John 5:25,28,29 11:44 Acts 5:15 19:12 Revelation 11:11

But Hazael king of Syria oppressed Israel all the days of Jehoahaz.

A. M. 3148-3165. B.C. 856-839. Hazael

3-7 8:12 Psalms 106:40-42

And the LORD was gracious unto them, and had compassion on them, and had respect unto them, because of his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and would not destroy them, neither cast he them from his presence as yet.

the Lord

14:27 Exodus 33:19 34:6,7 Judges 10:16 Nehemiah 9:31 Psalms 86:15 Isaiah 30:18,19 Jeremiah 12:15 Lamentations 3:32 Micah 7:18,19

had respect

Exodus 2:24,25 1 Kings 8:28

because of his covenant

Genesis 13:16,17 17:2-5,7,8 Exodus 3:6,7 32:13,14 Leviticus 26:42 Deuteronomy 32:36 Nehemiah 9:32 Psalms 105:8 Micah 7:20 Luke 1:54,55,72,73

neither cast he

17:18 24:20 Psalms 51:11 Matthew 25:41 2 Thessalonians 1:9


Heb. face.

Genesis 6:3

So Hazael king of Syria died; and Benhadad his son reigned in his stead.


Psalms 125:3 Luke 18:7

And Jehoash the son of Jehoahaz took again out of the hand of Benhadad the son of Hazael the cities, which he had taken out of the hand of Jehoahaz his father by war. Three times did Joash beat him, and recovered the cities of Israel.

A. M. 3168. B.C. 836. took again. Heb. returned and took. Three times