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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 148

Psalm 148, The Lord of heav'n confess

Second Version (

Meter: H.M. (6,6,6,6,8,8)

1 The Lord of heav’n confess, On high his glory raise. 2 Him let all angels bless, Him all his armies praise. 3 Him glorify Sun, moon, and stars; 4 Ye higher spheres, And cloudy sky.

5 From God your beings are, Him therefore famous make; You all created were, When he the word but spake. 6 And from that place, Where fix’d you be By his decree, You cannot pass.

7 Praise God from earth below, Ye dragons, and ye deeps: 8 Fire, hail, clouds, wind, and snow. Whom in command he keeps. 9 Praise ye his name, Hills great and small, Trees low and tall; 10 Beasts wild and tame;

All things that creep or fly. 11 Ye kings, ye vulgar throng, All princes mean or high; 12 Both men and virgins young, Ev’n young and old, 13 Exalt his name; For much his fame Should be extoll’d.

O let God’s name be prais’d Above both earth and sky; 14 For he his saints hath rais’d, And set their horn on high; Ev’n those that be Of Isr’el’s race, Near to his grace. The Lord praise ye.