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Geneva Bible (1599): Hosea 3

1 Then said the Lord to me, Goe yet, and loue a woman (beloued of her husband, and was an harlot) according to the loue of the Lord toward the children of Israel: yet they looked to other gods, and loued the wine bottels.

2 So I bought her to me for fifteene pieces of siluer, and for an homer of barlie and an halfe homer of barlie.

3 And I said vnto her, Thou shalt abide with me many dayes: thou shalt not play the harlot, and thou shalt be to none other man, and I will be so vnto thee.

4 For the children of Israel shall remaine many dayes without a King and without a prince, and without an offering, and without an image, and without an Ephod and without Teraphim.

5 Afterward shall the children of Israel conuert, and seeke the Lord their God, and Dauid their King, and shall feare the Lord, and his goodnes in the latter dayes.