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Geneva Bible (1599): Job 40

1 Againe the Lord answered Iob out of the whirle winde, and said,

2 Girde vp now thy loynes like a man: I will demaunde of thee, and declare thou vnto me.

3 Wilt thou disanul my iudgement? or wilt thou condemne me, that thou mayst be iustified?

4 Or hast thou an arme like God? or doest thou thunder with a voyce like him?

5 Decke thy selfe now with maiestie and excellencie, and aray thy selfe with beautie and glory.

6 Cast abroad the indignation of thy wrath, and beholde euery one that is proude, and abase him.

7 Looke on euery one that is arrogant, and bring him lowe: and destroy the wicked in their place.

8 Hide them in the dust together, and binde their faces in a secret place.

9 Then will I confesse vnto thee also, that thy right hand can saue thee.

10 Behold now Behemoth (whom I made with thee) which eateth grasse as an oxe.

11 Behold now, his strength is in his loynes, and his force is in the nauil of his belly.

12 When hee taketh pleasure, his taile is like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapt together.

13 His bones are like staues of brasse, and his small bones like staues of yron.

14 He is the chiefe of the wayes of God: he that made him, will make his sworde to approch vnto him.

15 Surely the mountaines bring him foorth grasse, where all the beastes of the fielde play.

16 Lyeth hee vnder the trees in the couert of the reede and fennes?

17 Can the trees couer him with their shadow? or can the willowes of the riuer compasse him about?

18 Behold, he spoyleth the riuer, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw vp Iorden into his mouth.

19 Hee taketh it with his eyes, and thrusteth his nose through whatsoeuer meeteth him.

20 Canst thou drawe out Liuiathan with an hooke, and with a line which thou shalt cast downe vnto his tongue?

21 Canst thou cast an hooke into his nose? canst thou perce his iawes with an angle?

22 Will he make many prayers vnto thee, or speake thee faire?

23 Will hee make a couenant with thee? and wilt thou take him as a seruant for euer?

24 Wilt thou play with him as with a bird? or wilt thou bynd him for thy maydes?

25 Shall the companions baket with him? shall they deuide him among the marchants?

26 Canst thou fill the basket with his skinne? or the fishpanier with his head?

27 Lay thine hand vpon him: remember the battel, and do no more so.

28 Behold, his hope is in vaine: for shall not one perish euen at the sight of him?