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Geneva Bible (1599): Job 27

1 Moreouer Iob proceeded and continued his parable, saying,

2 The liuing God hath taken away my iudgement: for the Almightie hath put my soule in bitternesse.

3 Yet so long as my breath is in me, and the Spirit of God in my nostrels,

4 My lips surely shall speake no wickednesse, and my tongue shall vtter no deceite.

5 God forbid, that I should iustifie you: vntill I dye, I will neuer take away mine innocencie from my selfe.

6 I will keepe my righteousnesse, and wil not forsake it: mine heart shall not reprooue me of my dayes.

7 Mine enemie shall be as the wicked, and he that riseth against me, as the vnrighteous.

8 For what hope hath the hypocrite when he hath heaped vp riches, if God take away his soule?

9 Will God heare his cry, when trouble commeth vpon him?

10 Will he set his delight on the Almightie? will he call vpon God at all times?

11 I will teache you what is in the hande of God, and I wil not conceale that which is with the Almightie.

12 Beholde, all ye your selues haue seene it: why then doe you thus vanish in vanitie?

13 This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage of tyrants, which they shall receiue of the Almightie.

14 If his children be in great nomber, the sworde shall destroy them, and his posteritie shall not be satisfied with bread.

15 His remnant shall be buried in death, and his widowes shall not weepe.

16 Though he shoulde heape vp siluer as the dust, and prepare rayment as the clay,

17 He may prepare it, but the iust shall put it on, and the innocent shall deuide the siluer.

18 He buildeth his house as the moth, and as a lodge that the watchman maketh.

19 When the rich man sleepeth, he shall not be gathered to his fathers: they opened their eyes, and he was gone.

20 Terrours shall take him as waters, and a tempest shall cary him away by night.

21 The East winde shall take him away, and he shall depart: and it shall hurle him out of his place.

22 And God shall cast vpon him and not spare, though he would faine flee out of his hand.

23 Euery man shall clap their hands at him, and hisse at him out of their place.