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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 139

To the chief musician, a psalm of David.

1 O Lord, thou hast me searcht and known.

2Thou know’st my sitting down,

and mine up-rising: my thought is

to thee afar off known.

3 Thou know’st my paths, and lying down,

and all my ways know’st well.

4 For lo, each word that’s in my tongue,

Lord, thou canst fully tell.

5 Behind thou gird’st me, and before:

and layest on me thine hand.

6 Such knowledge is too strange, too high,

for me to understand

7 Where shall I from thy presence go?

or where from thy face fly?

8 If heav’n I climb, thou there, lo thou,

if down in hell I lie.

9 If I take mornings wings; and dwell

where utmost sea-coasts be.

10 Ev’n there thy hand shall me conduct:

and thy right hand hold me.

11 That verily the darkness shall

me cover, if I say:

then shall the night about me be

like to the lightsome day.

12 Yea, darkness hideth not from thee,

but as the day shines night:

alike unto thee both these are,

the darkness and the light.

13 Because that thou possessed hast

my reigns: and covered me

within my mothers womb thou hast.

14 My praise shall be of thee,

Because that I am fashioned

in fearful wondrous wise:

and that thy works are marvelous,

my soul right well descries.


15 From thee my substance was not hid,

when made I was closely:

and when within th’ earths lowest parts

I was wrought curiously.

16 Thine eyes upon my substance yet

imperfected, did look,

and all the members that I have

were written in thy book,

What days they should be fashioned:

none of them yet were come.

17 How precious are thy thoughts to me,

o God? how great’s the sum?

18 If I should count them, in number

more then the sands they be:

and at what time I do awake,

still I abide with thee.

19 Assuredly thou wilt o God,

those that be wicked slay:

ye that are bloody men, therefore

depart from me away.

20 Because that they against thee do

speak wickedly likewise:

thy Name they do take up in vain

who are thine enemies.

21 Thy haters Lord, do I not hate?

and am not I with those

offended grievously that do

up-rising thee oppose?

22 Them I with perfect hatred hate:

I count them as my foes.

23 Search me o God, and know my heart:

try me, my thoughts disclose:

24 And see if any wicked way

in me there be at all:

and me conduct within the way

that last forever shall.