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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 122

A song of degrees.

1 I Joy’d in them, that to me said

to the Lords house go we.

2 Jerusalem, within thy gates,

our feet shall standing be.

3 Jerusalem, it builded is

like unto a city

together which compacted is

within itself closely.

4 Whether the tribes, Gods tribes ascend

unto Isr’el’s witness;

that they unto Jehovah’s Name

may render thankfulness.

5 For there the judgments thrones, the thrones

of David’s house do sit.

6 O for Jerusalem her peace

see that ye pray for it:

Prosper they shall that do thee love.

7 Peace in thy fortresses

o let there be, prosperity

within thy Palaces.

8 For my brethren and for my friends,

I’ll now speak peace to thee.

9 I’ll for our God Jehovah’s house,

seek thy felicity.