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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 64

To the chief musician, a psalm of David.

1 O GOD, when I my prayer make,

my voice then do thou hear;

also do thou preserve my life

safe from the enemies fear.

2 And from the secret counsel of

the wicked hide thou me:

from th’ insurection of them

that work iniquity.

3 Who have their tongue now sharpened

like as it where a sword;

and bend their bows to shoot their shafts

ev’n a most bitter word:

4 That they in secrecy may shoot

the perfect man to hit.

suddenly do they shoot at him,

and never fear a whit.

5 Themselves they in a matter ill

encourage; how they may

lay snares in secret, thus they talk;

who shall them see? they say.

6 They do search out iniquity,

a search exact they keep:

both inward thought of every man

also the heart is deep.

7 But God shall shoot at them a shaft,

be sudden their wound shall.

8 So that they shall make their own tongue

upon themselves to fall,

All that see them shall flee away.

9 All men shall fear, and tell

the works of God, for his doing

they shall consider well.

10 The just shall in the Lord be glad,

and trust in him he shall:

and they that upright are in heart

in him shall glory all.