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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 21

To the chief Musician a psalm of David.

1 JEHOVAH, in thy strength

the King shall joyful be;

and joy in thy salvation

how vehemently shall he?

2 Thou of his heart to him

hast granted the desire:

and thou hast not withholden back,

what his lips did require. Selah.

3 For thou dost with blessings

of goodness prevent him:

thou on his head of finest gold

hast set a Diadem.

4 Of thee he asked life,

to him thou gav’st it free,

even length of days for evermore

unto eternity.

5 In thy salvation

his glory hath been great:

honour, and comely dignity

thou hast upon him set.

6 For thou him blessings set’st

to perpetuity:

Thou mak’st him with thy countenance

exceeding glad to be.

7 Because that in the Lord

the King doth trust, and he

through mercy of the highest one,

shall not removed be.

8 Thine hand shall find out all

that are thine enemies:

thy right hand also shall find out

those that do thee despise.

9 Thou set’st as fiery oven

them in times of thine ire:

the Lord will swallow them in’s wrath

and them consume with fire.

10 Thou wilt destroy the fruit,

that doth proceed of them,

out of the earth: and their seed from

among the Sons of men.

11 Because they evil have

intended against thee:

a wicked plot they have devis’d,

but shall not able be.

12 For thou wilt as a butt

them set; and thou wilt place

thine arrows ready on thy string,

full right against their face.

13 Lord, in thy fortitude

exalted be on high:

and we will sing; yea praise with psalms

thy mighty pow’r will we.