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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 17

A Prayer of David.

1 HEarkin, o Lord, unto the right,

attend unto my cry,

give ear unto my pray’r, that goes

from lips that do not lie.

2 From thy face let my judgment come:

thine eyes the right let see.

3 Thou prov’st mine heart, thou visitest

by night, and triest me.

yet nothing find’st, I have resolv’d

my mouth shall not offend.

4 From men’s works: by word of thy lips

I spoilers paths attend.

5 Stay my feet in thy paths, lest my

6 steps slip. I call’d on thee,

for thou wilt hear, God, hear my speech,

incline thine ear to me.

7 O thou that sav’st by thy right hand,

thy marvelous mercies,

shew unto them that trust in thee,

from such as ‘gainst them rise.


8 As apple of thine eye me keep.

In thy wings shade me hide.

9 From wicked who me wast: my foes

in heart are on each side.

10 Clos’d in their fat they are: and they

speak with their mouth proudly.

11 They round us in our steps: they set

on earth their bow’d down eye.

12 His likeness as a lion is,

that greedy is to tear,

in secret places lurking as

he a young lion were.

13 Him, in his sight, rise, disappoint

make him bow down o Lord,

do thou my soul deliver from

the wicked one, thy sword,

14 From mortal men thine hand, o Lord

from men that mortal are,

and of this passing-world, who have

within this life their share,

with thy hid treasure furthermore

whose belly thou fillest:

their sons are fill’d, and to their babes

of wealth they leave the rest.

15 In righteousness, thy favour I

shall very clearly see,

and waking with thine image, I

shall satisfied be.