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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 12

To the chief Musician upon Sheminith a psalm of David.

1 HElp Lord: for godly men do cease:

faithful fail men among.

2 Each to his friend speaks vanity;

with flattering lips, and tongue

and with a double heart they speak.

3 All flatt’ring lips the Lord

shall cut them of, with every tongue

that speaketh boasting word.

4 Thus have they said, we with our tongue,

prevailing pow’r shall get:

are not our lips our own. for Lord

who over us is set?

5 Thus saith the Lord, for sighs of them
that want, for poor opprest,

I’ll now arise, from such as puff,

will set him safe at rest.

6 Pure are the words the Lord doth speak:

as silver that is tried

in earthen furnace, seven times

that hath been purified.

7 Thou shalt them keep, o Lord, thou shalt

preserve them ev’ry one,

For evermore in safety from

this generation.

8 The wicked men on every side

do walk presumptuously,

when as the vilest sons of men

exalted are on high.