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Common: Public Alpha is a public alpha of online devotional bible study software. It is definitely has some rough edges. Please use this as you like, with the understanding that there is no warrant that it will work properly for its intended use, or that it will even work the same from day-to-day. I strive to make it work well, but I am well aware of some shortcomings, but I have limited time with which to fix them. Please let me know if you find any problems with the site (

It is generally ill-advised to make an alpha public because of it’s being so crash-prone. But I am throwing caution to the wind, because it is free, and I need to get this up and working.

Thank you very much for trying it out. I hope you will help me to make it better.

It is common in the World-Wide Web to build web sites to become popular and either flip them or monetize them. I am not saying anything one way or the other about those practices, only that it is not my intent to do either. I don't intend to turn to advertisement revenue or any other thing. I just want to make an online devotional Bible Web application, and have others benefit from it. With God’s help, the only plans I have for possible “monetization” is that I may open this up for donations later, if it becomes necessary or reasonable. And that will be without guilt or expectation. It is the Lord who makes us to prosper. And there are many other reasonable responsibilities that each of us have to our churches, our families and like things.


in earliest stages, not ready for use by non-enthusiasts. generally, very buggy and quite likely to see many features and appearance change.
in later stages, ready for relatively savvy users. more stable, and less prone to change.
in latest stages before the full public release, this is quite likely to be the final version, if no errors or other problems are found
final/public release, full/final version
this is the version that is used with the lease likelihood for change, errors, or crashing