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John Gill’s Commentary of the Whole Bible: Exodus 37

Exodus 37:1


This chapter continues the account of the making of the tabernacle, and the furniture of it, particularly the ark, mercy seat, and cherubim, Ex 37:1 the shewbread table, and what appertained to that, Ex 37:10 the candlestick, and all the vessels of it, Ex 37:17 and the altar of incense, together with the anointing oil, and pure incense, Ex 37:25.

Ver. 1-29. And Bezaleel made the ark of shittim wood,… Jarchi says, because he gave his mind to this work more than the rest of the wise men, it is called by his name. It is a notion of some Jewish writers that the ark was made by Bezaleel, without the help of others; but there is no sufficient reason to be given for it; for other things are equally ascribed to him in this and the following chapter, as the mercy seat with the cherubim, the shewbread table, the candlestick of pure gold, the two altars, the laver of brass, with other things, which are only said to be made by him, because they were made by his direction, and he having the oversight of them while making; wherefore Aben Ezra observes, that this is particularly said for the glory of the ark. Of the ark, and all other things mentioned in this chapter,

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