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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 15

1 a This is the fourth vision which conteineth the doctrine of Gods judgements for the destruction of the wicked and comfort of the godlie.

1 ! Seuen Angels haue the seuen last plagues.

1 b Meaning an infinite nomber of Gods ministers, which had infinite maners of sortes and punishements.

2 c Signifying this brittel & inconstant worlde mixt with fyre, that is, troubles and afflictions, but the Saintes of God ouercome them all and sing diuine songs vnto God by whose power they get the victorie.

3 ! The song of them that ouercome the beast.

6 d Which is to declare that Gods judgements are cleare, just and without spot.

6 e As readie to execute the vengeance of God.

7 f By the foure beasts are ment all the creatures of God, which willingly serue him for the punishment of the infideles.

7 ! The seuen viales ful of Gods wrath.

8 g God giueth vs ful entrie in to his Church by destroying his enemies: for the Saintes can not clearely knowe all Gods judgements, before the ful end of all things.