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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 14

1 c Which was the marke of their election, to wit, their faith.

1 b Meaning a great and ample Church.

1 a Jesus Christ ruleth in his Church to defend and comfort it, thogh the beast rage neuer so muche: and seing Christ is present euer with his Church, there can be no vicare: for where there is a vicare, there is no Church.

1 ! The notable companie of the Lambe.

2 d Signifying that the nomber of the Church shulde be great, and that they shulde speake boldly, and aloude, and so glorifie the Lord.

3 e None can praise God, but the elect whome he hathe boght.

4 f By whoredome: and vnder this vice he comprehendeth all other: but this is chiefly ment of idolatrie which is the spiritual whomedome.

4 g For their whole delite is in the Lambe Jesus and they loue none but him.

4 h Which declareth that the faithful oght to liue justely and holely, that they may be the first frutes & an excellent offring of the Lord.

5 i For asmuche as their sinnes are pardoned, & thei are elect with the justice of Christ.

6 k By this Angel are ment the true ministers of Christ which preache the Gospel faithfully.

7 l The Gospel teacheth vs to feare God and honour him, which is the beginning of heauenlie wisdome.

8 m Signifying Rome, for asmuche as the vices which were in Babylon, awre founde in Rome in greater abundance, as persecution of the Church of God, oppression & sclauerie with destruction of the people of God, confusion, superstition, idolatrie, impietie, and as Babylon the first Monarchie was destroyed, so that this wicked kingdome of Antichrist haue a miserable ruine, thogh it be great & semeth to extend throughout all Europa.

8 n By the which fornication God is prouoked to wrath: so that he suffreth many to walke in the way of the Romish doctrine to their destruction.

9 ! And the thirde warneth to flee from the beast.

13 r Which are ingraffed in Christ by faith, which rest and stay onely on him and rejoyce to be with him: for immediately after their death they are receiued into joye.

13 q For they are deliuered: from the horrible troubles which are in the Church, and rest with God.

13 ! Of their blessednes which dye in the Lord.

14 s Signifying that Christ shal come to judgement in a cloude, euen as he was sene to go vp.

15 t The ouerthrowe of the people is compared to an haruest, {Isa. 19,5} also to a vintage {Isa. 6,3}

16 u This is spoken familiarly for our capacitie, alluding vnto an housband man who suffereth him self to be aduertised by his seruants when his haruest is ripe, and not that Christ hathe nede to be tolde when he shulde come to judgement for the comfort of his Church and destruction of his enemies.

18 x This was Christ who is also the altar, the Priest and sacrifice.

18 ! Of the Lords haruest.

20 y that is, a certeine place appointed and not in the heauen.

20 z By this similitude he declareth the horrible confusion of the tyrants and infideles, which delite in nothing but warres, slaughters, persecutions and effusion of blood.