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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 12

1 a In this third vision is declared ho the Church which is compassed about with Jesus Christ the Sonne of righteousnes, is persecuted of Antichrist.

2 d The Church euer with a moste seruent desire longed that Christ shulde be borne, & that the faithful might be regenerate by his power.

2 b The Church treadeth vnder sote whatsoeuer is mutable, and inconstant, with all corrupt affections and suche like.

2 ! There appeareth in heauen a woman clothed with the sunne.

3 e The deuil, & all his power which burneth with furie and is red with the blood of the faithful.

3 f For he is prince of this worlde & almoste hathe the vniuersal gouernement.

3 c Which signifie God and his worde.

4 g By his flatteries & promises he gaineth manie of the excellent ministers & honorable persones, and bringeth them to destruction.

5 h Which is Jesus Christ the first borne among manie brethren, who was borne of the virgin Marie as of a special member of the Churche.

6 i The Church was remoued from among the Jewes to the Gentiles, which were as a baren wildernes, and so it is persecuted to & fro.

7 k Jesus Christ and his members, as Apostles, Martyrs, and the rest of the faithful.

7 ! Michael fighteth with the dragon, which persecuteth the woman.

8 l For the dragon was depriued of all his dignitie and had no more place in the Church.

11 ! The victorie is gotten to the comfort of the faithful.

11 m They put their liues in danger so oft as nede required.

12 n Meaning them that are giuen to the worlde and fleshlie lustes.

13 o And was ouercome of Christ, then he foght against his members.

15 q God giueth meanes to his Church to escape the furie of Satan making his creatures to serue to the support thereof.

17 r Satan was not able to destroy the head, nor the bodie, and therefore sheweth his rage against the members.