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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 11

1 a Which declareth that Christ Jesus wil buylde his Church and not haue it destroyed: for he measureth out his spiritual Temple.

2 d Meaning, a certeine time: for God hathe limited the times of Antichrists tyrannie.

2 b The Jewish tmeple was deuided into thre partes: the bodie of the temple which is called the court, whereinto euerie man entered: the holie places where the leuites were: & the holies of all, whereinto the high Priest once a yere entred: in respect therefore of these two later, the first is said to be cast out because as a thing prophane it is neglected when the temple is measured, and yet the aduersaries of Christ boast that thei are in the Tmeple, and that none are of the Tmeple, but they.

2 c That is, the Church of God.

3 f Signifying a certeine time: for when God giueth strength to his ministers, their persecutions seme, but as it were for a day or two.

3 g In poore simple apparel.

3 ! Two witnesses raised vp by the Lord, are murthered by the breast.

3 e By two witnesses he meaneth all the rpeachers that shulde buylde vp Gods Church, alluding to Zorubbabel and Jehoshua which were chiefly appointed for this thing, and also to this saying, In the mouthe of two witnesses standeth euerie worde.

4 h Whereby are signified the excellent graces of them which beare witnes to the Gospel.

4 i Who hateh dominion ouer the whole earth.

5 k By Gods worde whereby his ministers discomfit the enemies.

6 l They denounce Gods judgement against the wicked, that they can not enter into heauen.

6 m Which is to declare & procure Gods vengeance.

7 o He sheweth how the Pope gaineth the victorie not by Gods worde, but by cruel warre.

7 n that is, the Pope which hathe his power out of hel and cometh thence.

8 p Meaning the whole jurisdiciton of the Pope, which is compared to Sodom for their abominable sinne, and to Egypt because the true libertie to serue God is taken away from the faithful: and Christ was condemned by Pilate, who represented the Romane power which shulde be enemie to the godlie.

10 q The infidels are tormented by hearing the trueth preached.

11 r Which shalbe at the last resurrection.

12 s For it semed that Antichrist had chased them out of the earth.

13 u When they shal vnderstand by Gods worde the glorie of his, and the punishment of his enemies, thei shal fall from the pope, and glorifie God.

13 t Of the power of Antichrist.

15 x Albeit Satan by the Pope, ??? and others instruments troubleth the worlde neuer so muche, yet Christ shal reigne.

15 ! Christ is exalted.

16 ! And God praised by the 24 elders.

17 z This declareth the office of the godlie, which is to giue God thankes for the deliuerance of his, and to praise his justice for punishing of his enemies.

19 a Which signifie the destruction of the enemies.