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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 10

1 d Straight strong & pure from all corruptions.

1 c It ouercame all the darkenes of the Angel of the bottomles pit.

1 b Jesus Christ beareth the testimonie of Gods loue towardes vs.

1 a Which was Jesus Christ which came to comfort his Church against the furious assaltes of Satan and Antichrist: so that in all their troubles, the faithful are sure to finde consolacion in him.

1 ! The Angel hathe the boke open.

2 e Meaning the Gospel of Christ, which Antichrist can not hide, seing Christ bringeth it open in his hand.

3 f Which declareth that in despite of Antichrist the Gospel shulde be preached through all the worlde: so that the enemies shalbe astonied.

3 g The whole graces of Gods Spirit bent them selues against Antichrist.

4 h Beleue that that is written: for there is no nede to write more for the vnderstanding of Gods children.

6 i That is, by God with whome Christ by his diuinitie is equall.

6 ! He sweareth there shalbe no more time.

7 k The faithful shal vnderstand and se this mysterie of the last judgement, the damacion of Antichrist and infideles & also the glorie of the just at the resurrection.

8 l As S. John vnderstode this by reuelation, so is the same reueiled to the true preachers to discouer the Pope, & Antichrist.

8 m Meaning, Christ.

9 n That is, the holie Scriptures: which declareth that the minister must receiue them at the hand of God before he can preache them to others.

9 ! He giueth the boke vnto John, which eateth it vp.

9 o Which signifieth that the ministers oght to receiue the worde into their hearts, & to haue graue, & depe judgement, and diligently to studie it, & which zeale to vtter it.

10 p Signifying that albeit that the minister haue consolation by the worde of God, yet shal he haue sore, & grieuous enemies, which shal be troublesome vnto him.

11 q Not onely meaning in his life time, but that this boke after his death shulde be as a preaching vnto all nations.