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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 John 1

1 / Or, worthie, or noble.

1 a According to godlines & not with anie worldlie affection.

3 b We can not receiue the grace of God, except we haue the true knowledge of him, of the which knowledge loue procedeth.

4 ! Rejoycing that her children walke in the trueth.

7 ! Warneth them to beware of suche deceiuers and denie that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh,

8 ! Praieth them to continue in the doctrine of Christ.

9 e He that passeth the limites of pure doctrine.

10 ! And to haue nothing to do with them that bring not the true doctrine of Christ Jesus our Sauior

10 f Haue nothing to do with him, nether shewe him anie signe of familaritie or acquaintance.