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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Peter 2

0 b Meaning, that God hathe appointed Christ to be chief & head of his Church.

2 / Or, the milke of vnderstanding which is without deceit.

2 ! He exhorteth them to laye a side all vice

2 a In this their infancie and new comming to Christ he willeth them to take hede lest for the pure milke, which is the first beginnings of learning the sincere worde, they be not deceiued by them which chop and change it, and giue poyson in stede thereof.

4 ! Shewing that Christ is the fundacion whereupon they buylde.

7 c The Priests, Doctors & Ancients of the people.

9 d That is partakers of Christes Priesthode & kingdome.

9 / Or, gotten by puchase.

11 ! He praiseth them to absteine from fleshlie lustes.

12 e Your good conuersacion shalbe as a preparatiue against the day that God shal shew mercie vnto them and turne them.

13 ! To obey the rulers.

17 f With them which acknowledge one self Father in heauen.

18 ! How seruants shulde behaue them selues toward their masters.

18 g In all obedience this must be before our eyes, that we obey in the Lord: for if anie commande things against God, then let vs answer, It is better to obey God then men.

19 h Knowing that God laieth this charge vpon him.

20 ! He exhorteth to suffer after the ensample of Christ.