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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Peter 1

1 a Which were Jewes to whome he was appointed to be an Apostle.

1 ! He sheweth that throught the abundant mercies of God we are elect and regenerate to a liuelie hope.

2 / Or, vnto obedience.

2 b The fre election of God is the efficient cause of our saluation, the material cuase is Christs obedience, our effectual calling is the formal cause, and the final cause is our sanctificacion.

3 d For it is but dead & vaine hope which is without Christ.

4 e Therefore they oght to loke for no earthlie kingdome of the Messias.

6 g And nede doeth so require, when it pleaseth God to lay his crosse vpon his, for to drawe them from earthlie things & make them partakers of his heauenlie graces.

7 h At his seconde comming.

10 ! That the saluation in Christ is no newes, but a thing prophecied of olde.

12 i Their ministerie was more profitable to vs then to them: for we se the things accomplished which they prophecied.

13 l Vntil his seconde comming.

14 m When you were in ignorance and knew not Christ.

20 p When Christ appeared vnto the worlde, & when the Gospel was preached.

23 q Therefore we must renounce our former nature.

23 ! He exhorteth them to a godlie couersation, forasmuche as they are now borne a newe by the worde of God.