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0 ! He exhorteth the faithful to denie them selues, and to contemne the worlde, that being deliuered from all carnal avvections and impediments, they may more spedely atteine to the heaenlie kingdome of Christs, whereunto we are called by the grace of God reueiled to vs in his Sonne, and haue already receiued it by faith, possessed it by hope, and are therein confirmed by holines of life. And to the intent this faith shulde not faith, seing Christ contmned and rejected almost of the whole worlde, he declareth that this is nothing els but the accomplishing of the Scriptures, which testifie that he shulde be the stombling stone to the reprobate and the sure fundation of saluation to the faithful: therefore he exhorteth them courageously to go forwarde, considering what they were and to what dignitie God hathe called them. After, he entreateth particular points, teaching subjects how to obey their gouernours, and seruants their masters, and how maried folkes oght to behaue them selues. And because it is appointed for all that are godlie, to suffre persecutions, he sheweth them what good yssue their afflictions shal haue, and contrarie wise what punishment God reserueth for the wicked. Last of all he teacheth how the ministers oght to behaue them selues, forbidding them to vsurpe autoritie ouer the Church: also that yong men oght to be modest, and apt to learne, and so endeth with an exhortation.